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Here’s why we started this website and how do we plan to change people’s lives for better.

Our mission is as follows:

Stop the drill and fill status quo. The knowledge is out there, all we want to do is to make it easy to access and understand for every person in the world. Healthy teeth for life for everyone.

– our mission

Important disclaimer: we are against the drill and fill approach, but we are NOT an alternative medicine website - all of our content is based on traditional medical studies and evidence that will help you avoid the drill and fill, but if your teeth are already damaged this may be the only way to go. Also, please note that this website is not by a DDS and we are not related to the dental industry in any way.

It all started in quite a usual way – with teeth problems of unknown origin. The first thing you do in such situations is to ask your dentist or look for dental care tips on the Internet. The advice is usually to cut sugar intake, brush more often, floss more often, start using mouthwashes and visit your dentist more often. Yet, despite all the effort cavities kept coming back which led to extra frustration, but also to extensive research. This site is a result of more than a decade of learning about teeth – we have tons of invaluable tips for you so please stick with us and you will be amazed, we promise.

DentalFreak’s mission

Our mission is really simple: for a few years now it’s 100% possible to live cavity-free without costly medical interventions, yet somehow this knowledge is not known to everyone. Our mission is to let every person on the planet live without dental problems and without the need for costly dental procedures. Yes, it is possible and we will teach you how to achieve it.

But most of all:

  • it’s all science, not quackery – our articles are supported by EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine) and we will link to all trials which support our statements
  • we will make every article easy and accessible, so that every person can understand it fully without extensive medical knowledge
  • our site is free to use and this will not change, but you can support us by making a donation or purchasing a product using our referral links
  • we will cover mostly dental health, but implementing our recommendations will benefit your general health and longevity
  • all of our articles will remain open for updates – every time we feel like we should add or modify something (ie. outdated or not elaborated enough articles) you’ll see „Updated on” at the bottom of each page.

Support us

There are many dental sites on the Internet. We’ve seen them all – some will try to sell you „dental cryptocurrencies”, while others will recommend you variety of unrelated products like wines, teas or sweets just to make few extra bucks. Our mission is not business, it’s helping people.

Please let as educate people and solve teeth decay problem once and for all. Since our website is ADS free we rely on donations and referral links. Please consider supporting our cause and making the world a better place. At this point, 100% of our proceeds go to a charitable cause of promoting our free information to broader audiences.